about the blog

I write about how I think we can heal America's political divide -- and how to live like you'll die in five years. Do those sound totally unrelated? Read the blog! (And subscribe!)

about me

I'm a 2018 Stanford grad from Kentucky who really loves politics, adventuring, and storytelling. I just moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I'm working with friends to create Lead for America (lead4america.org), a two-year fellowship program in local government. Our dream for LFA is that it will build the next generation of public service leaders, while immediately assisting underserved communities across the United States. 

I climbed a volcano on my 20th and 21st birthdays, which is miraculous, given that I'm so uncoordinated, my sisters literally made me a dance helmet for Christmas. (No, really.) For everyone's safety, I hope Iā€™m a better writer than choreographer.


Objectively, I have the cutest sisters and cousin ever. OBJECTIVELY. ;)